Traditional Balinese Massage

Traditional Balinese Massage is a Far Eastern massage which is made by stimulating the acupuncture points in the body with hard and light strokes.

Aroma Therapy Massage

A soft massage technique which is applied with aromatic oils and mostly recommended for a relaxed body.

Swedish Massage

A technique applied to minimize muscle tension; relieves stress and fatigue.
Swedish Massage helps to increase blood circulation by enlarging vessels and transportates more blood to cells.

Deep Tissue Massage

A classical massage technique applied with more pressure to subcutaneous tissue, muscles, and soft tissues.

Back and Shoulder Massage

Semi-hard and semi-soft massage applied to relieve back and bone pain.

Sports Massage

A massage applied pre- and post-activity during athletic events to warm up the muscles and to prevent injuries. Various ryhthm, periods and pressure applied.

Cellulite Massage

Cellulite massage improves subcutaneous blood circulation and ensures that vessel diameters are narrowed and that blood flows regularly through the legs.

Reflexology Massage

A therapeutic massage applied by stimulating the reflex points under the feet.
This treatment is therapeutic.

Indian Head Massage

A massage to accelerate the blood circulation by relaxing the muscles with a special technique applied to upper body, back, shoulders, neck, scalp, hairs and face with aromatic essential oils.

 Four Hand Massage

This ritual performed by two therapists in harmony helps you to fully relax and reduce stress level.