june 27, 2017



Located in the heart of Sultanahmet, the major tourist attraction of Istanbul, Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet has brought a new colour to the Historical Peninsula of Istanbul, fusing aesthetics and pleasure with its architecture, interior decoration and special tastes of Azerbaijan…

Opened as a five-star artisan/craft (crafted by artisans or requiring special mastery) hotel, Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet is a very exceptional project that adds a different colour to Sultanahmet, one of the most beloved tourist destinations in Turkey.

Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet is situated at the very heart of Historical Peninsula, the most popular district for tourists visiting Istanbul. In terms of location, the hotel is within 10 minutes walk to numerous Istanbul landmarks, offering the luxury to explore historical places on foot.

Many famous sights can be accessed by walking out of Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet such as The Grand Bazaar, one of the world's largest and oldest covered bazaars; Haghia Sophia where there are long queues to get in everyday; Topkapi Palace which had been used as the administrative center for 400 years during the Ottoman Empire period; and the Sultanahmet Mosque precious in terms of history, architecture and art.



Designed as 61 rooms on 6798 square meters, the style of Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet reflects not only the Ottoman or the Seljuks but also many different periods in the past of the region.
Having artisan elements hidden in every detail, this distinctive hospitality approach stands out by hand carvings made by Topkapi restorers, wooden and mother of pearl ornaments, the valuable paintings of Azerbaijani artists each of which exhibiting a different era, and handcrafted Iznik tiles.


Deluxe Room: Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet has 47 deluxe rooms with walnut wood furniture, silk Tabriz carpets, two separate or queen size beds. The bathrooms carry the elegant tastes of the past to present day with tiles inspired by Mimar Sinan's mosques, monolithic Marmara marbles, fountains with ceramic basins and again marble sinks. Top quality fabric wallpapers are in harmony with the ceiling works decorated with turquoise, oxide yellow and indigo blue Rumi designs. The LEDs in the rooms provide the best illumination according to the mode, while ergonomic and technical details are also considered.
Sultan Suite: The 'Sultan Suite' with 120 square meters space is composed of three separate areas and a bathroom. The first part where burgundy tones are dominant is considered as a dining area. The splendid wooden workmanship is used in the bedroom where green shades are prevailing, and the living area where the coffee tones are gaining weight offers all kinds of comfort with every detail. With ornaments on wooden cabinets, turquoise tiles at the end of the hall resembling tales, twin marble sink, and copper basins the bathroom consists of jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and shower area.


The Sultan Suite offers a panoramic sea view of Istanbul behind its arched windows.

Family Room: Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet has 7 family rooms, each offering deluxe room quality within two separate rooms of 45 square meters. The past touches modern day comfort with velvet buff coloured cosy sofa, walnut wood furniture, and a Seljuk style decorated bedhead that resembles the Arabian Nights.
Corner Suite: 6 corner suites with 45 square meters area of Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet have deco in delicate shades of purple, lilac, mauve and sea green. Relaxed cedars that are a reflection of the Ottoman seating culture, mother-of-pearl-embroidered seats of faldstool form, walnut furniture decorated with Seljuk motifs. In the bathrooms created with the inspiration taken from the cherished historical artefacts of Istanbul, the rare tile samples and the marbles used in the palaces are combined with technological comfort.


Presenting an alternative to the business world with two meeting rooms, Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet welcomes its guests in a peaceful setting with nature effects such as sounds of water and birds, while it draws attention as a relaxing holiday spot with SPA service in massage rooms, swimming pool and the Turkish bath blending Ottoman style with technology.


The Zeferan Restaurant located on the top floor of Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet delicately reflects the Azerbaijani culture with its traditional cuisine and with a magnificent view of the Historical Peninsula. Zeferan Restaurant holds the qualification of being the best address for Azerbaijan cuisine.


• The restoration of the hotel was completed in more than three years and all the details have been studied several times.
• From 61 rooms each having different aspects to Turkish bath and SPA, there are real details in almost every area of the hotel borrowed from the history of Sultanahmet.
• The rooms varying in sizes from 30 to 45 square meters have a spaciousness considerably above the standard of Sultanahmet.
• Guests who will stay at the hotel can get services according to the options they prefer in their reservations. For example, if the hotel guest chooses to be taken directly from the plane, they are greeted at the door of the plane. As the registration procedures are completed within luxurious transfer vehicles, guests who arrive at the hotel are offered special treats including a variety of special palms.
• Guests who wish can choose various tastes such as traditional pastries, muffins and cakes from the menu of mini patisserie on the mezzanine floor whether it is breakfast or tea time.
• Turkish bath and special massages, a large indoor pool, a fitness room equipped with the most modern equipment, and VIP service facilities are offered in the hotel.
• Ajwa Hotel provides the highest quality service in its laundry and bakehouse sections as well as in all other sections.