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  • Late check-out until 14:00 hours upon availability
  • Complimentary one way airport transfer offered for reservations of 7 nights or longer
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Health & Safety


AJWA Hotels service is a comprehensive range of measures to ensure the safety of our guests and employees, without compromising on luxury. These guidelines have been implemented in accordance with local and national requirements. Please read on to learn more about the specific measures in place at AJWA Hotels. 

Our employees being at your service are trained and certified on all COVID-19 measures. Social distancing measures are fully implemented in all public areas and meeting rooms, monitored and controlled by the hotel team. Stringent cleaning measures in place for all public areas, bed rooms, meeting rooms and high touch areas with special disinfectant and increased frequency of cleaning.

Please be informed that all guests are obliged to wear masks without exception in all public areas as per the COVID-19 regulations of The Ministry of Health and The Ministry of Interior. In accordance with local health authorities, some restaurant and facility services and hours may also be modified. Please ensure that you are up to date on the latest government regulations when travelling. For further information, please contact with the hotel.


A pre-arrival letter is sent to our guests to share comprehensive information regarding AJWA Hotels Service and precautions taken at the hotel.
Valet parking is available with all hygiene and disinfection procedures in case our guests wants to leave the car with a car valet.
Private car transfers are available, and several hygiene and safety procedures are applied via a transfer company.


An easily accessible sanitising station awaits at the entrance and guests are greeted by AJWA Hotels’ receptionist and Guest Relation team who will lead guests through an adjusted check-in procedure.
Luggage cleaning and disinfection services are offered before luggage is delivered to rooms.
Guests are offered a new “Do Not Enter My Room” option, whereby employees do not enter the room unless requested. Room-service deliveries, luggage assistance and other services will take place in front of the room.
We prefer touchless payment method with any credit card or debit card.


Rooms are specially sanitized with the highest standard hospitality industry cleaning and disinfection products.
A special sticker is affixed to the door, informing guests that the room has been conscientiously cleaned for them and that they will be the first to re-enter after the special cleaning service process. 
All collaterals have been removed from the rooms.
Face masks and mini hand sanitiser bottles are served as amenity items.
The sanitisers contain 80% alcohol, and have an antibacterial and antiviral effect on the skin. They are also recommended by The Ministry of Health, Turkey.
To enhance confidence during stays, no turn down service is extended. If needed we will be happy to give evening service for our guests unless there will be none in the guest room except room maid.
All linen is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using the optimum detergents in their correct dosage. 
A special ozone machine is used to disenfect the air in the guest rooms.


Social distance of at least 1.5 metres between visiting guests and employees is strictly maintained, and all furniture has been re-arranged to reflect social distancing rules.
All the food and beverage menus have been re-designed, and QR codes have been  implemented.
The breakfast is served at the table or in the room. (There might be an extra charge for in room service. Please contact with your service butler)
At restaurant, hand sanitiser stations are available before entering the restaurant and at each table, hand sanitisers are offered to each guest.
Hygiene measures and check-lists have been further enhanced, and every half an hour, available tables, chairs and set-ups are disinfected. After use, all set-ups are disinfected, and table-ware is changed.
Cutlery is disinfected before usage and brought to the table without human touch for guest use.
Credit card scanning machines, pens and bill folders are sanitized between use.
Certified food suppliers are used, and the hotel do not import any food items, relying on audited local products and purveyors.
Sugar, salt, pepper and other condiments are provided with pre-packed and one-time packaging.  
Glasses are washed in dishwasher with professional detegent and with high degree. 


Ordered items are delivered by staff wearing masks and gloves.
Staff always carry a hand disinfection bottle with them particularly when serving to guest rooms.
The in-room dining menu has been removed from the room, and QR codes have been implemented.
Service trolleys are disinfected after each delivery.
Service hours: 7:00 to 02:00.


Indoor pool chaise lounges are re-arranged according to social distance regulations and hand sanitisers are available and in place.
An enhanced spa cleaning checklist has been created for floors, showers and changing rooms, with updating every hour.
Gym equipment and mats are disinfected after each usage.


All staff keep a minimum distance of 1,5 metres when talking or interacting with guests.
Hand sanitisers are available at all public areas.
Social distance stickers have been placed on the floors where necessary.
All staff wear a mask in front of house and back of house areas and there are dedicated back of house staff regulations for health and safety. Social distance stickers have been placed in all back of house areas and hand sanitisers are available in every back of house area such as the staff restaurant, the entrance to front-of-house areas and employee rest areas.
Intensive training sessions have been coordinated in order to provide every team member with the necessary confidence and knowledge, and the hotel’s food engineer delivered mandatory training sessions on new hygiene concepts in line with Ministry of Tourism certification.
If a room has been occupied by a guest with COVID-19 symptoms, the hotel will ensure all the right official measures are taken – following the local health recommendations and regulations. An emergency room is also available. The hotel will not allow the room to be occupied or entered for at least 72 hours. The hotel is responsible for increasing the safety measures and ensuring the housekeepers and employees who enter the room are protected with a body suit and goggles.


AJWA Hotels strictly complies with all requirements set by the Turkish government. This summary of certain key points is provided for your convenience.
Documents Required for Entry into Turkey
Citizens from other countries must apply for a visa at the Turkish Embassy in their respective countries. 
All travellers must possess a valid travel document upon entering the country.
A completed “Traveler Entry Form” must be presented at check-in and upon arrival. The form can be obtained at https://register.health.gov.tr 
The Turkish government does not currently require visitors to quarantine upon arrival. Please be informed that it is subject to latest announcement by the Turkish government. 
Recommended web pages to visit;


The local authorities recommends following hygiene and social distancing rules and to be aware of the process to be followed in case symptoms of illness arise. These includes:
Protect yourself and others and keep a distance of 1,5 to 2 metres and wear a protective mask.
Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly and avoid shaking hands.
Cough and sneeze into a paper tissue or the crook of your arm.
Stay at hotel/home if you experience symptoms.
Always call ahead before visiting a healthcare professional.
Local Sites and Attractions
Normal service has resumed although a protective mask is mandatory to use. Masks are not provided by public transport companies but can be purchased in pharmacies and supermarkets. 


We look forward to welcoming you to AJWA Hotels soon from destinations around the world. Information for guests travelling by air is provided for your convenience.
Istanbul Airport 
Flight Schedule: Istanbul Airport is open for the flights.
Before Flying: Always contact your airline to check current entry regulations or changes.
Health Checks: The body temperature of all passengers is checked by thermal camera screening at the terminal entrance. Upon departure, a health check may be carried out by the airline at the gate or when you reach the destination country.

Protective Measures: 
1- Passengers must wear a mask both in the terminal and on board. Passengers and visitors not wearing a mask will be denied both access to the terminal and boarding to protect public health.
2- Only passengers and persons whose accompaniment is essential are granted access to the terminal.
3- Contactless security measures are applied at security checkpoints to ensure passenger safety.
4- The body temperature of all passengers is checked by thermal camera screening at the terminal entrance.
5- All luggage passing through X-rays is sanitized with UV (ultraviolet) light.
6- Passengers using an e-passport can sanitize the contact surfaces of their passport using the UV (ultraviolet) e-passport system.
7- Hand sanitizers are available in all areas open to passengers from the moment they enter the terminal building.
8- The moving walkways in the terminal are cleaned regularly with a UV (ultraviolet) system.
9- The terminal building is cleaned by UV (ultraviolet) autonomous robotic cleaners.
10- Personal protective equipment vending machines are available within the terminal.
11- Informative visuals and stickers have been placed at various points within the terminal to remind passengers to maintain social distance.
12- The terminal is supplied with fresh air 24/7.
13- The İGA Hygiene Team is on duty 24/7 to ensure that passengers follow social distancing rules.

General Information: Istanbul Airport general information can be found here.

Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport
Flight Schedule: Istanbul Airport is open for the flights.
Before Flying: Always contact your airline to check current entry regulations or changes.
Health Checks: The body temperature of all passengers is checked by thermal camera screening at the terminal entrance. Upon departure, a health check may be carried out by the airline at the gate or when you reach the destination country.
Protective Measures: Detailed measures can be reached here.
General Information: Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport general information can be found here.

* Please be informed that as of 30 December 2020, all international passengers arriving Turkey via air travel have to present a negative PCR test result conducted within the last 72 hours. This procedure is effective for the passengers who are older than 6 years old. Passengers who do not submit a negative PCR test will not admitted to the flight.